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Industry Applications

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Environmental Protection


Industry Applications

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Business description

SinoPES concentrates the advantages of R&D talents, technology and resources in the field of environmental engineering, and is committed to developing environmental protection industry based on the cement industry. SinoPES has core technologies such as cement kiln co-disposal of industrial hazardous waste, nitrogen oxide emission reduction technology and solution for remediation and treatment of contaminated soil detoxification, waste slag disposal, emission reduction, and CO2 capture in flue tail gas.

We have accumulated rich experience in environmental protection projects such as flue gas desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal, sewage treatment, gas heating etc., and made contributions to the environmental protection and improvement of people's quality of life in the project sites while achieving good economic benefits.


1.Atmospheric pollution control


(1) Electric dedusting series products: BEH high-efficiency and energy-saving electric dedusting technology, LSC waste heat utilization low-low temperature electric dedusting technology, WBE wet type electric dedusting technology are adopted.
(2) Bulk material conveying system: Provide environmental-friendly, intelligent and energy-saving bulk material conveying and storage system solutions, covering disorganized dust emission control, intelligent control and information management, etc.
(3) Electric bag composite dust removal series products: Electric bag composite dust removal technology is widely used in electric power, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, steel, industrial boilers and other fields.
(4) Dry ultra-clean+ technology and device: to achieve a package solutions and near-zero emissions of multi-component pollutants in flue gas.
(5) VOCs treatment: Provide a package solution for VOCs and odor attainment purification to achieve efficient and stable VOCs treatment.
(6) Flue gas desulfurization system: We have a series of desulfurization technologies such as "single tower double zone", "single tower three zone", "single tower four zone" and "in-tower oxidation - calcium-based strong alkali". "and a series of desulfurization technologies, widely used in electric power, electrolytic aluminum, chemical and other industries.
(7) Denitrification catalyst whole industry chain: provide denitrification catalyst whole industry chain system solutions.
(8) Flue gas denitrification system: We provide customized technical solutions for flue gas denitrification for different flue gas working conditions in various industries.
(9) Coal-fired power station flue gas environmental protection island intelligent control system in Coal-fired power station: Relying on artificial intelligence, big data and other cutting-edge technology means, in-depth mining of environmental protection equipment operating data characteristics and potential laws, the integration of industry expert knowledge system, it lead to the formation of industrial-grade emissions intelligent control and equipment intelligent operation and maintenance program.


2.Water pollution prevention: 

Provide industrial and mining enterprises with the business of wastewater discharging standards, reuse, zero discharge (including crystallization and salt separation) .   


3.Hazardous solid waste treatment: 

Thousands of hazardous wastes can be disposed of, covering 35 major categories and 253 minor categories, with disposal processes including incineration, materialization, solidification and landfill, etc.


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