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Industry Applications

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Industry Applications

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Business description

Energy is an indispensable element for human survival and development, and the development of energy promotes social-economic development. We pursue the mission of "sending warmth and light to mankind", and we have made remarkable achievements and accumulated rich experience in thermal power generation, hydroelectric power generation, power transmission and transformation, clean energy and comprehensive energy utilization at home and abroad together with China National Electric Equipment Corporation (CNEEC)

1.Thermal power generation

Our business includes general contracting projects for conventional thermal power plants, gas-steam combined cycle power plants, integrated drying and gasification combined cycle power plants, industrial captive power plants, co-generation power plants, coal gangue power plants, waste heat utilization power plants, and geothermal power plants.


2.Hydroelectric power generation

Our business includes the construction of large hydropower plants, and has successfully built a number of hydropower plants in more than 20 countries in Asia, America, Africa and Oceania, and our product performance and service quality have been highly evaluated by our customers.


3. Photovoltaic power generation

SinoPES actively develops new clean energy sources and provides global PV power plant project engineering turnkey services.


4.Transmission and substation

We undertake different types and scales of general contracting of power transmission and distribution projects in many fields such as electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, coal, port, municipal public works, etc. at home and abroad.


5.Comprehensive use of energy

We actively develop comprehensive energy utilization projects and have strong technical reserves, which are applied to actual production, especially in the field of cement kiln waste heat power generation with unique advantages, and have accumulated rich experience in engineering projects.


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