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Industry Applications

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Cement & Building Materials


Industry Applications

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Industry applications


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Business description

1.The general contracting and technological transformation of the cement building materials engineering

SinoPES Industrial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. has a complete cement building materials engineering industry chain, serving global owners through "package" system solutions and becoming a highly competitive turnkey contractor in the global cement building materials engineering market. Relying on the shareholder Hunan Building Materials Design and Research Institute (Grade A), we have integrated a number of engineering and construction companies and equipment manufacturing companies to form a highly competitive general contracting model, which has obvious advantages in terms of project quality, schedule and cost control. In addition, SinoPES's deep cooperation with AVIC International and KHD has also formed a unique technical competitive advantage in the continuous energy saving and consumption reduction technology improvement of cement plants.

Relying on the international leading independent intellectual property rights of cement production line process technology and complete cement equipment and engineering services "whole industry chain" resources, We, with international engineering as the carrier, intelligent services with the whole life cycle plant as a sustainable competitiveness, drive the export of Chinese equipment, technology, standards, capital and other elements. SinoPES has accumulated customers in more than 30 countries around the world. SinoPES has built five cement production lines and more than ten grinding stations in different countries, and is committed to building the most influential brand in the international building materials engineering market.


2. Complete Sets of Equipment

SinoPES purchases and supervises the manufacturing of equipment globally according to the needs of owner, which can effectively reduce the investment cost for the owner while ensuring the quality of equipment. SinoPES has first-class equipment products, including:

Crushers: jaw Crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher;
Vertical Mills: raw meal mill, coal mill, cement mill, slag mill, steel slag mill;
Roller Press: raw meal roller press, cement roller press;

Clinker Burning System: preheater, cooler, rotary kiln;
Conveying system: bucket elevator, trough conveyor;
Dust collection system: bag filter, ESP.


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